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Geomatics Technics Ltd is a geospatial services company offering professional land surveying, Engineering Surveying and GIS and mapping services. We are based in Nairobi, Kenya.

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We provide solutions in:

  • Land surveying

  • Engineering surveying

  • Geodetic & GPS Surveying

  • Aerial photography

  • GIS and mapping

Data capture for Arusha municipality

GIS & Mapping for Arusha Sanitation Strategic Plan. The tasks included image referencing, raster-vector data conversion, data collection using data loggers, mapping and GIS training


Kapenguria Water Supply Network Survey

Surveying for the Design & Construction of water supply component Lot: II, Muruny (Siyoi) Dam Kapenguria water supply project.


Geodetic control surveying

Geodetic control surveying for the engineering design of Malindi bypass..


Mapping of Informal Urban settlement

Kenya Informal Settlements Improvements Program. ( Mapping of informal settlements in 10 Municipalities)


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